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Please help us make working conditions safer and prevent accidents and incidents.

When you report an incident to us, we will review every single one and determine whether it had potential to cause significant harm or operational failure.

All high potential incidents are subjected to a brief investigation into the root causes that will prevent future incidents and accidents.

All incidents reported will be closed out and categorised, feeding our incident trending data. We operate a ‘no blame’ approach to these investigations, we are only interested in preventing a re-occurrence of the incident reported.

If you would like to report an incident, please enter the details of the incident in the form below and the details will instantly be forwarded to a member of our Health and Safety team.


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Did the incident have the potential to cause a serious injury, fatality or operational failure?
Did the incident occur during a task regularly performed by RCU Solutions?
What was the incident?
What action did you take?
From your experience, how would you prevent this incident from happening again?

Best Practice

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